Hello! Welcome to my web site. I grew up in London with a pencil in my hand, drawing at every opportunity. My aunt gave me my first professional watercolour paint box when I was 8 years old, which I took everywhere with me, painting and drawing horses, as I recall! I wanted to go to art school, but was told by my parents and teachers ‘There’s no money in that. Go and get a proper job’. So I did. I went to Hereford College of Education, taking Literature as my main subject, and Fine Art as my subsidiary. I enjoyed my teaching career in Primary Schools, continuing to paint in the bit of spare time that I had as a teacher, but felt that 30years were enough and took early retirement in order to come to Gozo. The reason for the move to Gozo was twofold: I wanted to continue to develop my art work as a professional, and to dive professionally as well. As a family we had become proficient divers in the UK, and Gozo had been a regular holiday destination as the diving here is the best in the Mediterranean.

We started selling my work from our front room on the sea front on the Kantra, in Xlendi, whilst diving professionally with the local dive schools. As I was becoming known locally as an artist, we decided in 2004, to open our own gallery in Xlendi, which my husband, Philip, manages, with the help of our very elderly much photographed, dog, Linney. This has proved very successful, and last year we moved to a new and better location, which has more space both for customers and displays. As I get older (don’t ask!!!) I am concentrating far more on my art work and mainly diving for fun.

My day usually starts at about 6 am planning and preparing. Then off to my chosen painting destination for the morning and the afternoons are spent studying and researching and practicing new techniques.