My art is representational in style with an emphasis on strong composition and high colour, due to the fantastic quality of light both in Gozo and in my previous home, Cornwall.

I enjoy painting most genres, and have a wide range of subject matter to choose from. I frequently paint at dawn as the sun rises to capture the unique light at this time of day, sunrises and sunsets being a specialty of mine. If I am pressed, however, by clients asking my favorite subjects to paint, I have to admit that it would be the colourful and beautiful Maltese boats, Luzzus and Dghajsas. My flower paintings have always been popular both here on the Maltese Islands and in the UK. The other subject dear to my heart is Scuba diving, thus I also paint underwater panoramas of caves, wrecks and flora and fauna – I sometimes have a spot of bother with the watercolour as it tends to run away with me underwater!!! On a more serious note, however, these underwater scenes, together with other more abstract works, are proving very popular indeed.

You could call me a compulsive painter as I paint every minute that I can, usually outside, en plein air, in front of the subject, except during the hot Summer months when I paint in my studio. I never go anywhere without at least a sketch book and pencils/pens, often on the ferry between Malta and Gozo making small studies of groups of people to incorporate into my work in cafe, street and sea promenade scenes. Basically I am self-taught, developing new techniques all the time so that I am advancing and improving myself constantly. I paint mainly in oils and water colour, but I also paint in acrylics and sometimes in mixed media when I feel my work is tightening up and I need to paint more freely and expressively. This then ‘translates’ into my more formal work which as a result then improves even more. I am inspired by many artists, both contemporary and old masters, Rembrandt, Constable, JMW Turner, Edward Seago, David Prentice , David Curtis, John Craxton and Peter Wileman.